You finally made the decision to remodel your old bathroom.

Congratulations! So, now what do you do?

How do you start the renovation process without all of the stress and anxiety of making the right choices for your home? Here are a couple of tips and tricks to help you ease the stress of your bathroom makeover, and make the installation process easy and safe.

  • First, decide on a budget for you and your family that you can afford.
    Give yourself a little extra just in case you go over, but try your best to stick to it. Working with a budget can help you understand what you can and cannot afford, and is more realistic to what products you can buy within your budget. Find contractors in your area who are certified, and get pricing for renovations. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, get ideas from magazines and the internet for inspirational content.


  • Spackling holes and taping up trim will help smooth over your bathroom before you decide to paint.
    spackling-a-wall-before-bathroom-remodelChoose a paint that is easy to clean such as a satin finish. For bathrooms with lots of steam, a semi-gloss is recommended due to the heat. A primer plus two to three coats of paint are recommended, depending on how much paint soaks up into the walls.


  • Decide on what type of showering/tub system works best for you and your family.
    21Different types of showers include but are not limited to curbless showers, barrier free modular surrounds, tub enclosures, glass corner units, and walk in tubs. Once you decide on your shower/tub, pick out your ceramic tile for the floor/walls. Choose between ceramic, stone, or porcelain tile to make your unique bathroom look yours.


  • Choosing what type of toilet works best for your family can be a little tricky.
    picking-right-toliet-bathroom-remodelToilets range in heights from 15 to 19 inches and anything between 17-19 inches is considered a “comfort height.” Options for a round or elongated toilet seat are also available, and for special orders customers can get colored options as well. Different types of flush options are also available on upgraded toilets for those who want to save on their water usage.


  • When choosing a vanity top, keep in mind that vanities come in all different sizes, colors, and even shapes.
    picking-right-vanity-bathroom-remodelChoosing the appropriate vanity for your bathroom can be challenging, especially for a smaller bathroom. Always measure your existing area, and make sure to leave room for door jams or other obstructions that could be in the way. Some vanities have combo kits with everything included. You can also buy both pieces separately, as, long as the sizing match up to each other giving you the option of ultimate customization.


  • There are different lighting fixtures to choose from when renovating your bathroom.
    bathroom-vanity-lighting-before-remodelingRecessed lighting on dimmer switches can make for an elegant look as well as chandelier lighting. Over the mirror lighting is very popular and can brighten your bathroom instantly. Don’t forget to change out switch plate covers and light bulbs that work accordingly with your fixtures to put those final touches on your bathroom.

Bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be a hard process. With the right tools, and a little know-how your bathroom can be upgraded in no time.