Imagine your bathroom free from any barriers

Free from never having to set foot in another bathtub ever again- the freedom to make your dream bathroom oasis a reality. Many believe that their dreams are long gone when it comes to redoing a bathroom. For over 30 years, the curbless design that has been all over Europe now begins its trend into the United States with all the great features and benefits of a luxurious bathroom living space.

Going curbless is a great solution to many bathroom problems that exist today.

Nobody uses a bathtub anymore! Curbless showers take away any barrier or obstruction to get into the shower. There is no worry about falling, tripping, or slipping to get over any threshold into the shower. Curbless showers are a great solution for wheelchair accessibility as well as canes and walkers. Curbless showers are great for aging in place, luxury, and Universal Design concepts that give people what they want for a reasonable price. Curbless showers are a beautiful addition to any home, as well as adding unique grab bars and seats anywhere in the shower to suit any need. Linear and standard drains give consumers the option to choose a square drain or an elongated linear drain, depending on how they want their bathroom to look.

Curbless designs are tastefully elegant with Trending Accessibility, by giving you simple and affordable solutions to your old bathroom.

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