Oval Fold-Up Shower/Tub Seat

Price: $269 $299

Model: SF1611FW

Color: Frosted White

Fold-up seats are most commonly used in the shower area. However, they can also be used wherever a temporary resting place is desired or where a full size chair would get in the way.

They can be placed near an entry for putting on or taking off shoes. They could be installed on a narrow deck or even an elevator.

These fold-up seats are a great value and a great solution.

  • Stainless Steel frame and mounting plate
  • Solid construction
  • Both styles extend from the wall about 3 3/4" when folded up and 14" when folded down
  • Choice of Frosted White or Orange
  • Weight capacity is 330 pounds with proper blocking
  • The seats fold up against the wall to open up the shower zone

Other Sizes: