Walk-In Tubs


The Walk-in Tub found its roots as a therapeutic tool. Since some people wanted the tub experience and could not navigate a standard tub, a walk-in tub was a brilliant solution for those who enjoyed a bath.

Since we are one stop shopping, our goal is to try to offer a solution for all marketplace requirements. Since this is a highly specialized field with unique demands, we try to source every product choice that is the right fit for a customer needs. Most walk-in tubs are now made in China, but not ours. Our entire walk-in tub line is made in the United States with an industry leading warranty.

In keeping with the times, we also offer color choices and optional upgrades. We offer the option of air technology, whirlpool technology, or the mix of both! Our organization understands that some health practitioners favor this therapeutic solution. We also have a soaker walk in tub solution with no air added.

Transfer Tubs


And now for something completely different…The Only Tub That is Trending Upwards

We offer a standard bathtub with a very wide ledge that allows you sit on the tub which offers plenty of real estate. The transfer ledge is the simple solution of a wide, flat ledge that allows you to swing into the bathtub.

This unique cantilevered transfer bathtub is safe, comfortable, and offers a secure entry and exit. Our white acrylic bathtub solution is a perfect fit for a 60-inch x 32-inch residential bathtub footprint. Our unique upgrade is an air jetted tub that offers air therapy. This piece is really a great option for those who simply love a bathtub.

We understand everyone has specific needs, so we will be progressive in always offering the best products, no matter how specialized the nature of the product.