The barrier free modular shower surround has been reinvented and is a smart solution for tub to shower conversions. Our unique shower surrounds offer easy access into the shower zone because our low profile thresholds offer simple ergonomic mobility.

Pre-leveled & Ready to Install

Vintage Tile Design

Quick & Easy Installation

100% Plywood Walls

Adaptable Space

The most important feature is that all of our shower walls are backed with 3/8-inch plywood panels making our system not only load bearing, but allows the space to be totally adaptable as your needs change. As you age your ergonomics can change and our system allows you to install grab bars, shower seats, and handshowers anywhere on the walls to meet your needs. This is a shower surround system that offers just as many features and benefits behind the wall as it does in front of the wall.

Our spacious surrounds are glazed in a marine grade gel coat finish (the same coating used on the exterior of yachts) and comes in several color palettes and materials that are stylized with an 8-inch x 8-inch classic tile pattern.

This system was originally utilized in major healthcare remodels, but we decided to bring this commercial grade product to all consumers. It is an easy installation for tub to shower conversions that does not require a whole room renovation. It also meets the needs of aging in place, the physically challenged, or the consumer that does not want a bathtub. We offer very fashionable shower seats and colorful grab bars to make the space warm and inviting.

A Stronger System

We also offer a much stronger system because our surrounds are three to five times heavier than all other shower surround systems. Our surrounds are also completely reinforced with a steel tube ribcage. Installers favor our product due to the ease of a front side installation. We also have a unique integral pin and slot system that easily lines up the walls and the pans. Our seams fit together tightly, forming a simulated grout line. Our product comes crated in multiple boxes, so it is no problem maneuvering the pieces in a remodel. The end result is a quick installation and an outstanding solution.

We offer a Thirty Year Residential Warranty on gel-coat surrounds for added peace of mind.