A New Look and Feel

Grab bars and handrails are not usually a topic of conversation at cocktail parties. In fact, it’s taboo subject matter since it is usually the first weapon you purchase in the war for independence. However, it can feel like you are waiving the white flag. When people leave your party they might say, “It’s happening to them…thank God it’s not us”. It signifies weakness to some.

The world no longer wants a stainless steel grab bar from a big box store, but people often don’t realize there are better options. It is our job to get design oriented product solutions that don’t make us look like victims. We are so striving to invent the grab bar that does not look like a grab bar. Universal Design meets fashion.

Industrial designers are working on this since grab bars are starting to hit critical mass residentially and commercially. Residentially, there are some new solutions that we are offering that are fashionable. We are working on new product ideas that offer a better design signature.


New and Interesting Design

Grab bars and hand rails provide both assistance and confidence for those moments in your bathroom where that extra assurance is always needed. We have an extensive array of finishes, textures, designs, configurations, and colors to ensure our commitment to choice and safety. Our products are manufactured and tested to meet safety guidelines and high standards, providing optimum quality and strength for the user.

Fold-up Support Bars

Fold-up support bars with or without legs make ergonomic sense. They allow for easier transfer to the toilet or a shower seat while maintaining balance, shifting weight, and lessening fatigue during the process.


The fold-up support bar is underutilized in North America. Fold-up support bars are in every public restroom I have used in Europe. They are placed on both sides of the toilet to benefit whichever is the stronger arm. Since most accidents happen in bathrooms; slipping and falling are the most prevalent mishaps. One of the most common accidents beyond slipping and falling is getting onto and off of the toilet.

The Safety of Fold-Up Bars

Fold-up bars help the customer manage the space since they move out of the way, a key feature for meeting the needs of multiple users with different abilities. The weight load capacity ranges from 220 to 440 pounds (when properly installed).

Most occupational therapists will specify a fold-up bar with a leg. These fold-up bars can manage heavier weight; the legs direct the weight to the floor rather than the wall. More often than not this customer is physically challenged and putting their full weight on the bar.

We are working on new products that have unique materials, textures, and finishes.