Shower Seats

Shower seats are trending and the perception of being items only for a disability has evaporated. Shower seats are functional, attractive, and complement the bathroom of 2015. Industrial designers are creating consumer oriented products and are taking advantage of teak and other materials.

Shower seats are a must-have for a more relaxing experience in the shower zone. Shower seat options are the most widely sought add-on item after the shower design and sizing is chosen. Fold up shower seats move out of the way when not being used and are a very popular item.

We have new and exciting seats on the way!




Shower With Comfort

As your body ergonomics change, a shower seat is a great solution for a new level of comfort. Shower seats make sense for many applications: aging in place, physically challenged, and for special needs. Our innovative and unique shower seats have been carefully designed following consultation with occupational therapists, end users, and installers.

Our attractive product offering are made of high quality reliable raw materials and will provide you with years of trouble free service. Regardless of the style or function you are looking for in a seat, all Trending Accessibility seats offer a level of comfort that will help create an enjoyable bathing experience in the shower zone. Our standard series of shower seats offers value and great function while our premium seats offer the same function with a little more flair.

Tub Seats



If you are bathing in a conventional tub, we also offer a sleek line of fold down and removable tub seats that assist in the transfer from the bathing floor seamlessly into the bathing well. These seats are hard to find, so we are glad to be able to offer them.