Healthcare Solutions

Curbless Showering in 2015

Working with patients in the bathing process is probably a challenge for all involved. The Architectural & Design community strives to make the space ergonomic while delivering the bathroom within the applicable laws and construction guidelines. Since most accidents happen in the bathroom, especially with tubs and shower curbs, it makes sense to go curbless. This eliminates all physical barriers and makes the room seamless, giving easy access for wheelchairs, the physically challenged, and whatever disability affects the bathing movement. The European Wet Room, the original curbless shower construction system has been used in many countries as a healthcare solution since 1980.

We offer some great ideas for remodeling for assisted living, nursing homes, rehab facilities, and long term care facilities. Our systems are predictable and reliable, and replacing artisan processes like the mud bed. Our curbless showers are very effective in new construction since the pitch of the pans is built in, leaving no guesswork and assuring consistent water flow towards the drain.

Our Solutions for Healthcare

  • Curbless shower
  • Roll-in showers
  • Low threshold showers
  • ADA showers
  • Transfer showers
  • European Wet Room Showers
  • Custom showers
  • Care giver doors
  • Shower panels
  • Bath and Shower seats
  • Pull down bars
  • Grab bars
  • Solid surface showers

Medical Buildings & Other Facilities

The needs for products in professional environments are consistent: hygienic, easy to clean, slip-resistant, easy to install, safe, nice appearance, and durable.

Showering and bathroom accessibility may vary in each medical facility depending on the type of facility and the clientele they are attracting and serving. We strive to offer solutions for any showering / bathing function that takes place in remodeling or new construction. Universal Design is trending forward to make the bathing experience accessible to all in any facilities despite people’s physical limitations. The European community has been focused on this accessibility evolution for years and our organization is borrowing their solutions and bringing their product solutions to your facility. So whether you are looking at a European wet room, a curbless shower with a zero threshold or a modular roll-in shower, we may have a working solution for any facility.

We have other design oriented products that are new solutions to new problems. Our goal is to make UD and ADA design oriented and fashionable, shifting away from the stereotypes of cold, sterile, institutional products.


Hospitals: general purpose hospitals, psychiatric facilities, detoxification facilities – 10% or more of patient bedrooms and toilets, 100% of public use and common areas must be designed and constructed for accessibility.

Hospitals and Rehabilitation Facilities for Mobility: 100% of patient bedrooms and toilets, and public use and common use areas must be designed and constructed for accessibility.

Long Term Care Facilities, Nursing Homes: At least half of the patient bedrooms and toilets, 100% public use and common areas must be designed and constructed for accessibility.

Hotels & Motels: Lodging with over 50 rooms should have at least one roll in shower, with 1% of the total rooms having one.

Health Care Influencers

As buildings are remodeled or new construction; many variables come into play and many influencers make decisions on products and designs that affect the consumer experience. There was a hospital built in our area in the last few years and everything was extremely well designed, with state of the art technology, even offering 24 hour room service. It offers a personal interface from the healthcare staff with the patient so everyone chooses this facility in their time of need. It is a business decision for the consumer.

Many factors can determine choices for showering: owners, architects, designers, caregivers, staffers, engineers, occupational therapists, maintenance engineers, management companies, code compliance, and consumer feedback. Our organization will meet with all influencers to identify needs and provide solutions, samples, budgetary pricing, and mock-ups. Please feel free to contact our organization to inquire about our products and services.

We welcome new construction, remodels, tub to shower conversions, upgrades, small and large projects.