What is Universal Design?

Universal design refers to broad movement of ideas meant to produce buildings, products, and environments that are inherently accessible to both people without disabilities and with disabilities.

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility is strongly related to universal design when the approach involves direct access. This is about making things accessible to all people despite whether they have a disability or not.

What is Aging in Place?

It is a lifestyle choice that aging consumers make to stay in their homes as they age versus entering into an assisted living facility, active lifestyle community, or nursing home. Statistics show that 80% to 90 % of people over 65 choose to stay in their homes as they age.

What are Home Modifications?

Home Modifications are most common in residential remodeling projects. These projects are often tailored to make home improvements centered on individual abilities. In our case home modifications are centered on allowing an aging consumer to stay in their home as they age in place.

What is a European Wet Room?

A european wet room is a curb-less shower initially introduced in the UK as a solution to take away any barriers or obstructions as an aging or physically challenged person enters the shower area. It is a zero gradient from the bathroom floor into the shower mostly achieved with decorative tile or even a vinyl floor.

What is a Fusion Shower Pan?

It is a load bearing floor base with four built in gradients towards the drain. It has the appearance of a shower pan. The Fusion shower pan is a major component in a european wet room. It is a curb less shower solution.

What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing involves a process of putting down a liquid membrane that is impervious to water that is applied to the shower and bathroom floor after the fusion shower pan is installed. If applied per our instructions it essentially turns the bathroom into a fishbowl; waterproof.

What is a Sturdy Base?

A sturdy base shower pan is a shower pan that is placed directly on a sub floor and offers a very low profile threshold. It is a cost efficient solution for accessibility in new construction or a great idea for a standard tub to shower conversion in renovations.

Who installs our products?

We recommend that experienced professional contractors always install our products.

Universal Design Certified Remodelers (UDCR)

Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS)

Aging In Place Contractors
National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA)

When considering bathing and showering equipment an individual assessment with an occupational therapist or health care professional may be appropriate, because your safety in your bathroom is very important. There may be individual factors which determine which bathing and showering equipment best suits your needs; the information on this site is not a substitute for professional individual assessment