“What is the Adjustable Fusion Pan?”

The Adjustable Fusion Pan is a load bearing two part shower construction system that sits directly on top of the floor joists that are 16 inches on center (with proper blocking). The pan is 7/8” thick and made out of GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), pre-pitched to the drain, and gives the option to cut anywhere along the egg crate design on the back of the pan.

“Is the Adjustable Fusion Pan safe for wheelchair accessibility?”

The Adjustable Fusion Pan has great safety features for wheelchair accessibility as well as aging in place solutions. Having a zero barrier threshold gives consumers the benefit of not having to step into the bathtub or over any threshold. Wheelchairs are easily maneuvered to get in and out of the shower and can have the option for seats and grab bars.

“What happens if there is an obstruction while installing such as floor joists?”

If there is any obstruction during the installation process such as floor joists or plumbing, simply take the center round ring and turn it away from the obstruction. The center ring rotates 360 degrees which helps to completely miss any problems in the floor.

“How many sizes does the pan come in?”

The Adjustable Fusion Pan comes in 10 different sizes.

“What does load bearing construction pan mean?”

Load bearing means that the pan by itself can hold up to 660 pounds; however the more blocking that you put around the perimeter the more weight the pan can withstand. The Adjustable Fusion Pan can also accommodate large and small format tiles.

“What are the required tools in order to install the pan properly?”

When you purchase a kit it includes a pan, the drain, 2 gallons of the latex waterproofing liquid, two rolls of rubberized crack isolation tape, two inside corner mesh pieces, and 1 rubberized drain gasket. Other items that are needed but are not included in the kit are a drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, level, square, caulk gun, pencil, hammer, utility knife or scissors, tape measure, paint rollers, paint brush, screw driver, and a sander.

“What is the benefit to the Fusion Pan opposed to any mudding process?”

With the Fusion Pan, there is no buildup of the floor, no need to remove or touch any floor joist. Installation time is quicker, and there is no waiting for the mud to dry. The Fusion Pan sits on top of the floor joists, essentially becoming the subfloor, where other products build up the subfloor making it harder to install. With mudding, contractors would have to make the pitch into the floor, where the Fusion Pan has 4 pre-pitched planes into the pan, making it simple for water to flow.

“What is the best way to put on the liquid latex waterproofing?”

The best way it to make sure when putting on the liquid latex waterproofing, that you waterproof all of the seams around the shower on the back and front of the crack isolation tape. Using a paint brush or roller, you can apply the latex onto the tape directly to the pan. Once complete, finish waterproofing the rest of the shower area with liquid latex using a paint brush/roller. Once dried, apply a second in the opposite direction from the first. Then, you can then apply your tile adhesive and tile directly over top.